Our Team

Ryan Ahearn

President & Founder

Marene Wiley

Vice President & Co-Founder

Tessa Gomes

Lead Engineer

Katherine Garbe

International Logistics and Sales

Paul Denisenko

Director of Marketing and Sales

Emileigh Thylin

Business Development and Operations

Aaron Owen

Engineer & Co-Founder

Daniel Parrish

Engineer & Co-Founder

Board of Advisors 

Pete Agtuca - Manufacturing

Pete is a serial inventor, entrepreneur, impact investor, and owner and president of Laser Cutting North West. He has over 25 years developing and manufacturing innovative products related to clean technology and renewable energy solutions.

Jason McCourt - Marketing

 Jason has 14 years experience in advertising, marketing, communications, and creative management. He has worked as the Creative and Marketing Director for REI, Filter, and Zones and as a CRM and Content Manager for HTC. 

Robert Gregg - Business Development

Robert has 30 years experience as entrepreneur and managing organizations of all sizes. He has extensive CEO experience with companies of 500+ employees and multimillion dollars in sales. Founded 8 successful startups and has experience in 10 industries.

Diane Legg - Finance

Diane has 25 years CFO & executive responsibilities for Fortune 500 companies. She is the former CFO of Coinstar, Synapse Product Development, Naverus, Bag Borrow or Steal, and Screenlife Games, among others.

Russ Tarleton - Legal

Russ is a Partner at the Seed IP law group. He has 18 years as an engineer, investor, and partner at SeedIP. He has assisted clients in the procurement and enforcement of patents, trademarks, and copyrights for over twenty years and has extensive manufacturing experience and knowledge of intangible and asset law.

Janet Livingstone - Global Development

Janet has 15 years of international development and grant writing. She has served as the Vice-Chairwoman and Acting Director for CEF, as the Director of US Programs for PSI, and as the official liaison with the United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS.

Art Donnelly - International and Cookstove Advisor

Art is an artist, designer, and experienced cook-stove project manager. He co-founded a Seattle Biochar Working Group in 2008 and has been the Director of SeaChar's Farm Stove Project since January of 2010. 


Laser Cutting North West

LCNW is JikoPower's manufacturer and key partner. They are helping us to finalize the generator design, facilitate research and development, optimize manufacturing for shipping and packaging. With LCNW's help, JikoPower is exploring a manufacturing technique known as aluminum extrusion, which will be used to cost-effectively produce complicated cross-sections of aluminum for larger scale production.


Art Donelly is the Director of SeaChar. Sea Char is a clean cookstove manufacturer with experience in running pilots overseas, grant writing and the clean energy industry. SeaChar's global mission is to develop, promote and share positive tools for Carbon Negative living, and its biochar technology creates carbon negative energy and builds healthy soils.

WEET (Women in Energy and Environmental Technology)

Dr. Mbaari Kinya is the founder of WEET and is well connected in the Nairobi educational and financial community and has over twenty-five years experience in the renewable energy field. WEET is a market-based social enterprise whose mission is to provide poor women from urban slums and rural areas with engineering and entrepreneurial skills. The program includes a component of mindset deconstruction to eliminate historic and cultural barriers that hinder women from effectively involving themselves in engineering and business endeavors.


ACON has developed sustainable clean cookstoves, out of clay and local scrap metal, and is pursuing integration with the JikoPower generator with their stoves. Through an indigenous rotating finance model, ACON works with low income village women to sell their cookstoves. They have a strong presence in Kenya and have successfully sold over 20,000 clean cookstoves in the Kisumu area over the last five years. 

Project Stoke

Project Stoke is run by STAMP, a clean cookstove manufacturer located in Kisii and Kisumu. Through its design, their stove produces less smoke during startup, and emits almost no smoke as it burns.  This reduces respiratory and visual illnesses that traditional stove smoke causes. As most mothers cook alongside their babies, this stove decreases infant death and alleviates health issues related to smoke for the rest of the family. Stoke is increasing employment in an area where employment, especially well-paying work, is often difficult to find.

AWAMU Biomass Energy

AWAMU is a startup social enterprise in Uganda that manufactures and distributes clean cooking TLUD gasifier stoves and processed biomass fuels. They work with local stakeholders to promote a low cost, locally produced and highly efficient clean cooking solution for less privileged communities in Uganda. It targets rural and peri-urban households that still have access to biomass fuels like wood, agricultural biomass and can process fuels. Their mission is to manufacture and distribute the clean cooking gasifier stove that utilizes renewable energy from dry biomass, while increasing household incomes, reducing indoor air pollution and mitigating climate change.