Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a website where people see interesting new projects/products and help fund them by pre-ordering or pledging money to their creators. Their pledge supports making that product possible. The project must reach its funding goal with in a limited time period, usually 30-60 days. Credit cards are not charged until a project reaches its funding goal and manufacturing begins. If the goal is not met, nobody is charged and the creators do not get any funding. In most cases this means the project dies, but many try again.

Our How To Use Kickstarter Video:

Q. How does the Spark work?

Thermoelectric generators, or TEGs, rely on thermoelectric chips that convert heat into electricity.  The thermoelectric chips generate the most electricity when the disparity between the temperatures on either side of the chip is the greatest. Our generator gathers heat through the arm on one side of the chip and the water in the reservoir keeps the other side cool.  The water can be boiling and still be considered cool relative to the side with the metal arm.

Q. Why thermoelectric?

Our device uses heat that is otherwise wasted when people are cooking. It is used while cooking or enjoying a fire, so it can’t be easily stolen.  It is very durable; perfect for rural lifestyles or camping. It also doesn't rely on the weather or time of day to function.

Q. Where did you get this idea?

Marilyn, our founder Ryan’s mom, was working as an aid worker in Haiti after the earthquake and tsunami. While she was there she was treating a young boy about Ryan’s age. He was injured in the earthquake and needed medical supplies that were roughly 10 miles away.  Marilyn rushed around to see if anyone could call for the supplies.  Although almost everyone had a cellphone no one had a charge.  The little boy didn’t make it and his death had a lasting impression on Marilyn and Ryan.  They learned that this scenario happens all over the world all the time. Now Ryan is all grown up and has a son of his own. His mission is to make sure that something as simple as charging a cell phone never again leads to the pain his mother felt, or a child’s entirely preventable death.

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