Our Mission

At JikoPower, we are passionate about innovating to provide the means and opportunity for everyone to safely light their homes, provide for their families, and stay connected.


Rural Entreprenurs 

Savings: Users save on average $27 per month and up to 12 hours per week spent walking to towns to charge cellphones. Users can also sell charges to their own community for a profit.

Healthcare: With access to electricity, families never have to worry about their ability to reach a doctor or nurse. Charging also helps doctors reach more people faster, and get supplies.

Environment: Once rural families have electricity they no longer need to rely on kerosene for light. This dramatically reduces their carbon footprint and improves their respiratory health by reducing smoke in the home.

Education: With all of the money and time saved, mothers are able to send children to school instead of to work. When students have questions, they can look it up on their cellphone.

LEDs: Light is a big deal! With an LED, families can work late or help children study without burning their supply of kerosene.


Camping and Disaster Prep 

Cellphone: Rain or shine, the JikoPower Spark helps keep people connected and informed. Adventurers can record their adventures without ever worrying about charging a cellphone again.

LEDs: Replace back up batteries of every shape and size, or flammable kerosene. Simply charge LED lights and help protect the environment for others to enjoy. Never run out of light again!

Light: The JikoPower Spark is light and compact. It can go anywhere 

Durable: The JikoPower Spark is highly reliable and durable. It is designed for adventure and going off the beaten path.

Giving Back: JikoPower believes in community and giving back. Support for brands like JikoPower helps to strengthen communities, empower people, and preserve the global environment.


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